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phantom lure

Gonemage - Master of Disgust 10" EP

Temporarily sidestepping from the Gonemage lore of the previous LPs 'Sudden Deluge' and 'Mystical Extraction', this project is ushering the birth of Chiptune War Metal through the theme of a fictional game and story by Nintendo's infamous character Wario, which is dubbed as WarioWare: Possessed Console. 'Master of Disgust...' represents a whimsical yet evil world of Wario where his power reaches unprecedented heights as past enemies of his in the 90's and 00's succumb and join his side in the evil effort to possess all game boys and handheld gaming devices. For what end? Even Wario doesn't know. He just wants you to suffer and play his unbeatable game.

Comes as a 10" vinyl EP in splatter and purple variants.

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